10 Factors that may be Causing your Depression

1. You get up in the morning and you’re not doing what you love.

2. You get up in the morning and you’re living a life where safety is your top priority, rather than doing what you love.

3.  You get up in the morning and you’re leading a toxic lifestyle, eating a toxic diet and thinking toxic thoughts……as opposed to building power through healthy living, so you can power through with a life of doing what you love.

4. You get up in the morning and you aren’t serving humanity. Your job isn’t of service to the greater good and in most cases, depressed people are working “gov/big corporation jobs” that are in opposition to humanity’s progress, evolution and happiness. You’re here to serve, really serve, not to play it safe in a job that isn’t what you love doing.

5. You get up and you’re not in control of your life, similar to how a child would get up for the first 15-20 years of their life and be told what to do with most time in their day. Living as a child, by being a people pleasing order following smiling depressive consumer (high on morning coffee, night time alcohol, mid day sugar and social media self gratifications) doesn’t hold the potential to make anyone happy. Depression isn’t a malfunction or something wrong in most cases. Depression often means you’re working exactly as designed. No one can be happy living in these listed situations, no one.

6. You get up in the morning and you lie to yourself about why you can’t change your life into something you love doing. Your spirit is one part of you, your body another and your soul yet another. Your spirit doesn’t like living along side a cowardly soul and inside a toxic body….who won’t face a couple hard days, in order to get more satisfaction in life. Lying to oneself and always focusing on “why you can’t” as opposed to “why you can” will grow depression based emotions in the system.

7. You get up in the morning and take on the very familiar role of “child” in your adult life. Children feel powerless, they talk in powerless terms and they’re always looking for the independent adult figure to fix all their problems for them. Living as a child, in an adult life, will facilitate depression based emotions in the metabolic system. The forever child will always look toward others to fix their life for them, which means their life never changes…..and so the cycle never changes. It’s all wretch and no vomit…..it never gets there.

8. You wake up in the morning and you’re surrounded by underachieving, mediocre, average types, who are also living child based lives of dependence and dis-empowerment. Your tribe sets your vibe, your vibe sets your frequency and your frequency attracts to you what vibration you’re telecasting out to the field. The Universe is a YES machine, regarding your most dominant thoughts. You will be what you see. What you hear, you will make clear. Ditch the herd of underachieving addicted child types and take your proper rite of passage out in the “unsafe jungle”. Walk that path on your own if need be, to actually mature into a fully functional empowered adult. Safety and happiness are almost polar opposites. People who live life safety, without risk, are usually very depressed. You’re not here to be safe. You’re here to apply calculated risk in an amazing life adventure. Better a short life doing what you love…rather than a long life lived in a miserable way.

9. You get up in the morning and watch TV or listen to the news but don’t understand that the TV screen and movie screens are weapons of perception control. If you watch TV and listen to the news (or listen to the radio or even read mainstream print media), you’re going to be depressed because all those influences are purposely manufactured to be depressing and dis-empowering.

10. You get up in the morning and keep running back to a system, which has no successful track record for lifting anyone’s depression. The “medicines” that are routinely handed out in the face of “feeling blue” often have “increased depression” as listed side effects on their product inserts. Ignoring this would reflect all other 9 points listed above.

Solutions – stop lying to yourself, make health a priority, focus on adult based decisions (not child based), turn off all mainstream media, start a side hustle of doing what you love, find an empowered tribe (even if online to start) and serve humanity. If you want to know where these principles can get you, listen to this podcast.