Self-sabotage and The One Secret of Becoming Successful Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

I remember a guy once who told people at the dinner table that he “owned a big business” and of course he didn’t. This man would routinely lie about being successful and having a very elaborate 5-star life. Beyond the obvious mental dysfunction of always lying to impress others, the most important question in psychology is……”why is he lying?” The reason people lie is often to avoid being judged, as judgement from the crowd can be the most psychologically damaging attack any person can be exposed to…..but only if they’ve never transitioned from the child ego into the role of “fully functional adult.” In short, this unaccomplished man isn’t lying because he’s afraid of people finding out that he doesn’t have any money or success in his life………he’s actually lying because if you DARE try to be successful, you’ll be attacked FULL FORCE! He wants to be successful but he’s afraid to try……so afraid in fact that it’s just easier to lie about it. The man lying isn’t lying because he’s embarrassed to be poor, he’s lying because he’s afraid to be successful.

In our society, being mediocre, average and keeping your head down is the safest position to take. The janitor threatens no one and is therefore liked by EVERYONE…….but the CEO gets attacked like no one else. In a society based on blending in, being average and embracing mediocrity….the tall poppy gets hacked at wildly. I of course know this firsthand and it’s verified in all the research as well. The underachieving, order following, compliant people pleaser who knows their lowly position in life… the belle of the ball in our society. The people who dare color outside the lines and who dare rise up to their full potential are seen as public enemy #1……..and this effect only worsens now, as our society gallops into the future. It’s important to know the pressure everyone is under to fail and to live out mundane, boring and futile lives in our Bergan Town based culture. All our societal incentive systems reward racing to the bottom. Our society then reserves eggs, boos and rotten tomatoes for anyone who dares accomplish greatness in their lifetime. Most people who self sabotage are programmed subconsciously by this invisible reward and punishment system, to the point where they’re deathly afraid of any efforts that make them healthy, wealthy and wise.