Allie Litterer

FFSS Certified Coach Seal


Allie Litterer is a Doctor of Natural/Monastic & Indigenous Medicine, PSYCH-K© Facilitator, wife, mother to four children and educator. After having children that were diagnosed with Autism, she turned over every stone to discover the missteps leading to this epidemic. Sharing her journey to their recovery inspires all she crosses paths with. Dr. Litterer is passionate about patient advocacy, education and informed consent. True healing comes with knowledge and getting back to nature. The major components addressed are:

  • environment
  • stress
  • emotional
  • spiritual
  • movement
  • trauma
  • self sabotage

There are an abundance of stressors in our everyday lives; some obvious, some hidden. Dr. Litterer works specifically with individuals and families who have tried everything and haven’t gotten any relief. Instead she focuses on the full person – mind, body and spirit.