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I’m Carl Mason. At 54 years young, I now reside full time in Mazatlan Mexico.

From the start of my life, I have been curious, questioned everything and never managed to follow the norm successfully. In my youth, I didn’t know what all of that meant for my life. But as I’ve navigated my journey, I’ve realized that the resounding goal of my heart was to know the truth and live in freedom to be everything I was created to be.

Professionally, I’m multi-gifted. But the theme has been in the arena of “helps”. I love making life more beautiful, abundant and free in expression.

From my landscape and home design career to the youth outreach I founded in my 30’s to a decade in personal training and nutrition coaching in South Africa, I’ve realized that every step has been to help people live beautiful and free lives.

And now, as I moved through my 40’s and entered my 50’s, I’ve grown even more passionate for total freedom.

Through my questioning of narratives and agendas, and my intense research in recent years around the topics of freedom, I realized that I still felt trapped. I wasn’t experiencing the depth of freedom I had been seeking. So my attention turned to self-sabotage.

While listening to and working with Jason, I discovered the infinite ways in which we sabotage our lives. And though I had always questioned everything and fought for freedom of self, I hadn’t realized just how much this issue was continuing to play in my life and my clients lives.

It was a new revelation…. a deeper knowledge of what my heart had been seeking all along.

So while I was creating beauty, offering life skills, teaching health and strength among other positives, there was still a root of sabotage I hadn’t recognized and, thereby, was also missing with my clients.

This last year, I set out to bring the story together. I’ve now created The Lifestyle Exchange where I walk clients through a number of avenues to gain freedom in their lives. We work together, 1-1 and in community if desired, to change patterns, habits and mindsets in order to gain freedom in areas where they aren’t progressing as they desire. Financial, mindset and thought patterns, health habits, physical strength, faith, social and technological freedom are all topics to explore in the goal to holistically discover and live our best lives.

Together we will unveil the beauty and freedom of life and set the course to seize every bit of what life was created to be for each of us

It will be a beautiful journey. I’m honored to be here today, having learned and experienced so much to now help others breakthrough. I’ve honestly never been more excited in my life.

I’m eager to connect and embark on a new journey with you.


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