Caroline Forster

FFSS Certified Coach Seal


You can find Caroline on Instagram as conscious_caz, sharing inspiring information about her journey of overcoming self sabotaging behaviours and reprogramming her mind. The RESULTS are that she is more disciplined, consistent and can achieve the goals she sets whether it’s to do with health and lifestyle goals, business and wealth goals or happiness.

She resides by the beach in a small village in Scotland, but has a global audience and client base keen to tap into the tools to achieve their own greatness.

“My clients come to work with me because they’ve realised that they are not being as productive or disciplined as they could be and are so relieved to find out that it’s not just them, and there is a SCIENTIFIC explanation for this. Not only that, they can learn the techniques to reprogramme their mind, set goals and use habit stacks to achieve their greatness and realise their aspirations. I tend to find that clients will work on one area to begin with, then have so much success, they stay with me to work on other areas too.”

Rather than splashing out on expensive 1 to 1 coaching, you can join her membership for only $50 USD or £40 / month.

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