Cary Ruiz

FFSS Certified Coach Seal


Hello, my name is Cary, I am an American living abroad in Southeast Asia presently. I have many interests ranging from travel, culture, cooking, truth, freedom, and music to name a few. I have professional experience in the US healthcare industry, working as a Registered Nurse in the acute care setting for roughly 5 years. I recall my original intention to choose a career with a philosophy geared towards helping those in need in the hopes of lending a contributory hand in healing.

To my surprise, my experience working in hospitals alerted me to the limitations and even detrimental qualities to optimal health such institutions impose, whether it be serving low grade quality food to patients, lacking adequate staff, or to the enormous cocktail of prescription drugs pushed on patients, many of whom were repeat hospital admissions with the same recurring health issues. Surely there had to be a better way I thought to myself in the promotion and pursuit of health?

That’s where discovering the unique niche that is the subconscious and how it often instructs us without our awareness to not live our best lives can become a revelation. What if you can learn to become your own best health practitioner? What if you can learn about the many ways we are influenced to self-sabotage on a daily subtle basis? What if you can learn to block out the negative vibrations promoted on a daily basis from the television? What if you can learn that empowering yourself both mentally and physically is easier than you think? I am truly happy and excited to have an opportunity to present a new frame of reference to view health. I look forward to working with you.