Corey Formica

FFSS Certified Coach Seal


Hi, I’m Corey, a certified Freedom from Self-Sabotage coach from Ontario Canada, specializing in helping women break free from self-sabotaging patterns, achieve their weight loss and health goals, overcome trauma, embrace their femininity and achieve holistic well-being.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the struggle? Wanting to make a change, but unable to take the action necessary to make consistent and lasting change? I know that all too well, especially when it comes to weight loss. 

The battle with my weight started when I was an overweight eight year old, where I used food as my comfort in dealing with trauma. Over the decades my unhealthy relationship with food continued –  patterns of fad diets, extreme workouts, binge eating and emotional/stress eating. Although there were some small variations, all of those things were nothing but a series of abusive patterns to my body and any weight loss success would only last for a limited time before the old patterns would creep up again.

When I was in my late thirties my life got flipped upside down – I discovered that I had been in a relationship for nearly two decades with a man who had been living a double life. This led to my complete unraveling. As I tried to make sense of what had happened, I uncovered the trail of manipulation, gaslighting, emotional and narcissistic abuse that I had suffered. This led to some really dark times.

As I began to put the pieces of my life back together, I became passionate about understanding not only what exactly happened, but how it happened. I wanted to be able to find answers to the question that kept running through my mind – “I’m an intelligent woman. How did this happen to me?” I’ve always had a passion for learning and so I began reading every book I could find and watching every video on psychology, mind control, narcistic behaviour, trauma and emotional abuse recovery. Thousands of hours were spent gaining a deep understanding.

It was in this journey that I decided to become a certified Freedom from Self Sabotage coach, not only so that I could understand and overcome her own personal challenges, but so that I could help other women who were struggling. 

My coaching style blends all of my experience and offers a compassionate, personal and holistic approach. I guide women on a transformative journey to overcoming self sabotaging patterns and empower them to achieve sustainable weight loss, heal from within, and embrace holistic well-being. Women who I have worked with discover their inner strength, reclaim their essence and live vibrant, empowered lives.