Donna Rotar


I was so fortunate that I grew up with a mother that didn’t allow us to hardly ever have treats and never have pop, but instead, made us eat our own homegrown vegetables, eggs, chickens and free range meat from our acreage.  Having a treat was berry picking and eating as much as we desired.  We were fortunate; we were from the generation of parents that expected us to play outside, no matter what the season it was and to be active most of the day.  I absolutely loved being outside and playing hard all day.  I feel this is why I have always been so healthy.  This way of living, really laid my foundation for health and wellness.  

From the time I was a small child, I did not follow the crowds and I really thought for myself.  When I would read things, hear things, watch the news, I always questioned it or asked questions if it did not make sense to me.  You could say, I was somewhat of a Fact Finder and would not accept something as truth, if it did not make sense to me or if my questions could not be answered.  I was an independent thinker for sure.  

At the age of 13 years old, in 1974, I started reading the Alive Magazines and really absorbing all the information I was taking in about homesteading, herbs , supplements, the body and how it works, as well as fitness.  

I got married young and quickly had 3 children close together and was a very busy, active mom.  I strived for perfection, to be the perfect mom, housekeeper, wife, daughter, daughter in-law, employee, runner and fitness instructor.  My family and children are my motivation and the loves of my life!  My whole life and world revolved around them and their needs and wants.   

I worked for the School System for 17 years teaching Speech & Language and loved my job and all my students.  Then I left my job to pursue my passion for a career in health and nutrition.  I started out working in a health food store part time and during this time; in 2000 I started school with the Alive Academy of Learning and received my first Holistic Nutrition Diploma in 2002.  

In 2008 I decided I needed to learn more about nutrition and how the body works and what the body requires, body, mind & spirit, so I started my 2nd Holistic Nutrition Diploma with the BodyMind Institute and completed it in 2010.  Since 2010 I have continued to take many courses and to stay current in natural health field.  

As I ventured out to start my business as a Holistic Nutritionist and teach people how to eat, what not to eat, create recipes and make meal plans, I realized, that my clients all had gut and bowel issues and I needed to focus on these issues before I could ever help them.  Most of these heal issues stemmed from negative emotions, trauma, dehydration and poor food choices.  At that time, I realized, I needed more education and it was important for me to specialize in the areas of; digestion, detoxification, drainage, hydration, internal plumbing, large intestine, as well as the lymphatic system.   I continued with more education and have been able to help many clients starting at the root of their problems.  

However, when I was in my 50’s and dealing with my client’s emotional trauma, I found that it was disrupting my own inner peace.  I had spent my life suppressing my feelings, but at 50 I was having a difficult time.  I have always been the caretaker in my circle of family and friends.   I preferred to help them, rather than to deal with my own life, as that was how I was raised, not to feel.  I really had to look deep at why I was always so busy helping others and always putting myself last.  It wasn’t until I really  looked at my own emotional trauma, where I came from and my own behaviors, that I realized I had been living my whole life trying not to feel and that I coped with my childhood traumas by being an overachiever, a perfectionist, setting all these rules for myself and being OCD. I preferred to be distracted and not to be in tune with myself and my own life and feelings.  Digging deep helped me realize that if I focused on others, I didn’t have to focus on myself.  

I grew up in a home with addiction, yet highly functioning and outsiders never knew the family dynamics.   I was the caretaker in my family and felt very insecure about myself.  I grew up not having any confidence, but put on a front I was confident because I had to.  My role in the family was the perfect child and that was a difficult role to have.  After my children grew up and went on with their lives, I felt so lost; it was because I had made them my whole life and I was codependent on taking care of them and no longer felt I had a purpose in life.  Being busy and helping others kept me distracted from myself.  When we get to a certain age, we no longer can hold things in, we have to deal with them or they can and do turn into cancer.  Emotional stress will kill us.  I made it a mission this year to deal with myself, my childhood trauma and to release it all.  I really had no choice, as I found myself sad, lonely and crying all the time.  I have made it my goal to help myself and live for myself first, and then I can be there for others.   

I have been following Jason Christoff for over 5 years and we have almost the same beliefs about health, vaccinations and many other topics.  A couple of months ago, I started listening to his self-sabotage videos and they are also in line with my beliefs about this subject.  He was offering a solution and how to stop self-sabotage and this caught my attention.  He was offering the Self Sabotage Coaching Program and I felt this would not only be perfect for me, but would fit in perfectly with my business and my clients that also struggle with self-sabotage.   I am so looking forward to taking this course and implementing it into my own life and then introducing it to my clients, family and friends and helping them break the cycle of self-sabotage too.