Heather Sinclaire


I am a Christoff certified self sabotage coach and have a life long passion for trying to understand why we human beings choose to behave negatively towards others and ourselves. A degree in Psychology and over 10 years of devouring self help books was not enough. I did not find the practical  applicable answers I was looking for. 

It took a debilitating set of symptoms at age 29 including brain fog, fatigue and near constant nausea, coupled with a distressing and demeaning journey into the UK conventional medical system to alter my path towards real healing. . 

Being told I had Chronic Fatigue that may or may not resolve, and that there was nothing I could do about this, changed my life forever. I could not accept this, I wanted to feel well and  have energy again and I began to research from a different perspective.  I now devour books about nutrition, energy, spirituality, human anatomy and physiology, and more recently Eastern philosophy. Most importantly I look for the connections between them all, I believe we are all connected to each other and everything. As I continue on my journey I am discovering that those who manage to live their best lives have an awareness of the same basic principles. 

I live in the UK with my husband and two beautiful ginger tabby cats.  I learned to cook at age 10 and now spend a lot of my spare time sourcing and cooking the best quality food I can find for my family. I work out regularly, practice tai chi, meditate and have weekly healing reiki or massage sessions. I am currently working towards qualifications in exercise coaching and PsychK so that I can improve my own life further and provide a more rounded experience for any clients that I am lucky enough to work with. 

I am incredibly grateful that my body chose to shut down in protest at the way I was living my life. Without this gift I would still be stuck in old belief systems that are no longer helpful, never progressing. I am committed to sharing all of my combined experience and training to help you become more aware and develop an understanding of self sabotage that I know will catapult your life forward, no matter what stage of your journey you are currently at.