Katrina Novakovic

FFSS Certified Coach Seal


Katrina is a certified self sabotage coach through the Jason Christoff Self Sabotaging Coaching program. She works with organisations and individuals to unlock their potential and to transform their own performance in business and personal life.

Katrina helps people who are stuck in the same cycle, struggling for years to solve the same problem, making some progress but then slip backwards again. Having found trying different methods, getting more motivation and being more positive doesn’t work, Katrina takes a different approach by addressing the root cause of issues, looking at why there is a problem in the first place, and then looks at the mindset, behaviours and practices.

Katrina works globally, either in person or via online video sessions. If you or your organisation would like to find out more about how Katrina can help you via one-to-one coaching, group workshops or to speak at an event, please get in touch.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/katrina-novakovic