Kevin Nolan

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I was an extreme self sabotager for most of my life. I was an alcoholic for 13 years, in and out of jail and hospitals constantly. I tried to commit suicide many times and been homeless on occasion and living in shelters.

I constantly poisoned myself and numbed my true being. I lived in destruction and abuse and thought that was my destiny, to be miserable.

I finally sobered up when I was 27, I put myself in rehab and been sober ever since. I discovered many truths of diet and how to feel my best. I quit working as a Scaffolder and became a health and sober coach. I became a great success in helping others become their best version. My passion now is to help people out of that dark World and into the light. Many of the people I help would fall back in the darkness once I was done guiding them. Why?

I discovered Jason’s self sabotage course and was emerged into the knowledge. Once I discovered through his findings of how programmed we are to self sabotage, I knew this would help even more people. I am now a self sabotage coach and will be your guidance to seeing and being your best version. I look forward to working with you and you will do great! Preview attachment Screenshot_20201122-123141.png

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Whatsapp: +17096932856