Kyra Kelm


Founder of Wild Woman Healing Retreats and American Kinesiology School, Kyra Kelm has been interested in alternative ways to achieve vibrant health since she first worked in the herb section of the local health food co-op nearly 40 years ago.  She loved reveling in the aromatherapy of all the herbs and plant medicines at this first exposure to their powerful healing properties, and they have been a big part of her life ever since. As a certified iridologist and raw food chef, Kyra has connected the dots with how our bodies respond to the many stressors of our environment, and how to support our bodies own self-healing mechanisms through natural methods. A big supporter of homebirths, Kyra had both of her babies at home in less than 3 hours each, attributing the speed and ease of these home births to the herbal plant medicines that were a big part of her pregnancy and delivery. Now Kyra is dedicated to understanding the causes of symptoms in our bodies, how to reverse aging, and how to relieve any conditions less than optimum by focusing not only on lifestyle but also upon the underlying emotions, beliefs and programs we are subconsciously running. She is currently writing a book on how to make cleansing our bodies easy, effortless and fun.