Laura B


Do you ever feel like you’ve lived the same day, month, or year over and over again? Or have you started a new weight-loss or self-improvement program every New Year or Monday? This was my life (if you could call it that!) over the last two decades. I would make the loftiest goals, watch hours of “inspirational videos” to get me motivated and in the “mood” to make a change. These strategies would work for two-three weeks at a time but I would eventually always revert back into my old patterns of self-sabotage. I would put back on more weight than I had lost or I would pick up yet another bad habit to inhibit the deep pain I was feeling by consistently letting myself down, day after day, year after year.

I then serendipitously came across Jason’s work which I began following a number of years ago. I will forever be grateful for Jason’s self-sabotage program in particular. It helped me to get my life back on track and feel like I am finally living my soul’s purpose. I was able to recognize all the ways I had been keeping myself from living the life I had always envisioned and desired but just could not turn into reality. I began to identify the true reasons why I had put on weight in the first place as a protective mechanism, why I had previously attracted the wrong kinds of relationships into my life and why I sabotaged the good ones. By tackling the subconscious beliefs that were driving my decisions I was able to step into my true purpose and love others authentically. My relationships with my family, friends and colleagues all improved which has had tremendous opportunities for growth in all areas of my life.

I now have a deep desire to spread this knowledge and help others realize their own true potential. I want to show you that it’s not only possible but that it is your birthright to live out your life as your true happy and authentic self and that this can be possible a lot sooner than you might imagine!