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Hello my Name is Magus Don Juan I am Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach.

I have had a life long passion for the paranormal, supernatural, weird and strange

Beyond Being a Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach. I am also the business owner of TULPA SUMMONING LLC. I started to my first business in 2021 to design develop produce and sell meditation mp3s, Subliminals and Custom tulpa hypnosis mp3s.

Despite giving up smoking, drinking alcohol and my addiction to caffeine and a number of other self sabotaging habits there was still a missing link

In 2020 in a Newsletter Written by my mentor Talmadge Harper I was introduced to Jason Christoff’s work and was amazed by Jason Christoffs vast knowledge of the operation of the subconscious mind , brainwashing and mind control and I gravitated toward his work in hope of finding the missing key as to why some people are successful at Summoning tulpas and Manifesting their goals while others are not

As the Biggest Psychological Operation this world has ever seen was Being carried out to further enslave those uninitiated in the ways of Propaganda and Brainwashing and Mind Control. I was building a business and deprogramming my mind and escaping the matrix by listening to Jason Christoffs Psychology of freedom podcast I knew right away Jason Christoff knew what he was talking about because of the vast number of books I have read listened to on hypnosis and the subconscious Like Joseph Murphy’s The Power Of The Subconscious Mind.

In the summer of 2021 I custom designed a Quantum Healing mp3 to completely heal myself of Asthma and completely free myself from my dependency of Drugs and inhalers. Before using Quantum healing mp3s and subliminals to heal myself I use to have to use my rescue inhaler every day.

I don’t know if the average person can fathom how insanely powerful their subconscious mind is But I am willing to try and explain it to those with a open mind just how extremely powerful each and every one of us is and how we are all god like beings capable of more than we can possibly imagine as I Now professionally Custom Design Quantum Healing Mp3s and Subliminals and I am now a Christoff Certified Freedom From self sabotage coach.

I am also Tulpamancer and a Quantum healer and a life long student in the powers of the Mind. I very interested in the Limitless powers of the minds ability to manifest psychic phenomenon , Heal from incurable diseases and to Create Living Thought Forms and Tulpas that people can actually really feel and physically sense.

I am now honored to be Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach I look forward toward connecting with you and educating you about the vast limitless human potential within you and the suppressed truth of this world and the secrets of this world that are being censored by main stream media.

Magus Don Juan has vast experience with Tulpa Phenomenon and Writing, designing, developing, recording, editing and producing Tulpa Hypnosis mp3s, Subliminals and Quantum Healing meditation mp3s .

Magus Don Juan has worked 1 on 1 with the some of the Best Quantum healers and Intuitives in the world and is the host of the tulpa summoning podcast were he talks about tulpas, living thought forms, quantum healing and will soon be expounding upon his wealth of knowledge he has learned from Jason christoff regarding self sabotage, mind control, propaganda, brainwashing, and the secrets of this world.

His passion is to support you on your Journey toward personal and spiritual growth and overcoming your self sabotage and the development of our understanding and mastery of Tulpas and Living Thought Forms.

Magus Don Juan is now a Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach and aspiring Paranormal Investigator with expertise on The Powers of The Mind, Lucid Dreaming, astral travel, outer body experiences, Quantum jumping, Psychic phenomenon, Tulpas, Living Thought Forms, Quantum Healing, Hypnosis, Subliminals, Brainwashing, Mind Control, NLP, and Propaganda and Magic and is genuinely very curious about the nature of our reality.

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Magus Don Juan is in the Process of funding his New website However in the meantime he will Soon be offering 1 on 1 Self Sabotage Coaching you will be able to Purchase on his Current Niche Website Dedicated to his brand of custom tulpa hypnosis, subliminals and Quantum healing meditation mp3s.

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Magus Don Juan is also the host of the Tulpa Summoning Podcast on Spotify where he talks about all thing tulpa related and will soon be expounding upon all things Self sabotage related including brainwashing , mind control, propaganda and what you can do to step into your power and take control of your life while learning about the extraordinary powers of your mind.

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