Manuela Hodgson

FFSS Certified Coach Seal


Born and raised in Germany, I lived in care for a couple of years after my dad passed away when I was 15. I treasure the time I spent in care so much. I met so many amazing lost souls and together we were a great family, we looked out for each other. There was no judging, no matter what you did and how bad your story was, we always stuck together. My self-sabotaging started in my teens as I struggled with eating disorders to help me gain a sense of control of my life as I found it difficult to deal with anxiety, my father’s alcoholism and my parents separation.

All my life, I felt the desire for travelling, wanting to learn about different cultures and languages. My first big move was to Ireland at age 18 to work as an Au-pair. I was so lucky as I was matched with the best Irish family anyone could ever wish for. A stark contrast from the people I met in care (and my own family!) but another great family I am still part of. I ended up studying Business & French in Ireland & partially in France until I moved to the UK in 2006 to explore London, a city with an amazing architecture and way of living which intrigued me.

It was in the UK where I met my lovely husband and we now live together with our daughters in a small English village, tucked away in the rolling countryside and very close to nature. I currently work for a multinational company as a project leader which gives me the opportunity to travel to many countries and connect with many different people & cultures.

Long story short, what I am trying to say is: You are not alone! Having struggled pretty much my entire life with depression, relationship disasters and failed diets, it was only a couple of years ago I miraculously came across Jason Christoff’s Facebook page. Jason’s articles and videos helped me to begin the journey to find my true self and the reasons behind why I am constantly sabotaging myself. And now I am here to help you remember you who really are and reconnect with your true adult power.