Mariëlle Van Handel


My name is Mariëlle van Handel. 

I am a proud mother, a (children’s) neuropsychologist and worked as a neuro scientist in a University Medical Centre in the Netherlands.

As a kid, I had a plan: grow up, become a doctor and go help the sick children in Africa. 

I felt all I had was my brain and ability to sense what others were feeling, what they needed. Somehow, I believed I didn’t deserve to take good care of myself, be happy myself. 

Fast forward a few decades. I really messed myself up in every possible way, while trying to finish a Phd. Partying till morning, alcohol, eating garbage, drinking coffee to compensate for abusing my body and mind. I was clueless, ignorant, a follower, and part of me did know better. 

After a Hep B vaccination, my world fell apart. I got seriously ill. I can play a card game with all the diagnoses I received in the years that followed. This was 12 years ago and it turned out I didn’t have a single one of those scary diseases, but I was severely traumatized. I did, however, discover I had Lyme disease and heavy metal poisoning. Generations of self-abuse in my family and a weakened immune system led me to that point.

I had to become my own doctor, my own psychologist, my own coach, my own mother and best friend. I had to learn how to take care of myself. How to think for myself for the first time in my life. I drifted away from the flock and started to make my own choices. I am still healing and learning every day. I am perfectly imperfect. 

The one thing that never changed was my wish to help others. And since I now have the life experience to back up the knowledge I gained over the years, I would be honored to help you find your own answers. 

Whether you are struggling with your health, your weight, achieving the goals you want to achieve in your life, we can work on what’s holding you back. You have the power to change! 

Coaching sessions can be done in English or Dutch.