Michele Rooney


My name is Michele Rooney and I am a Christoff Certified Coach.  As a Physical Therapist with over 20 years of experience assisting families with children with special needs, I am dedicated to assisting parents with optimizing their family’s lives through mindful movement, healthy nutrition, deep relationships and conscious communication.  I am a mother to an amazing 14-year-old daughter and have navigated divorce and co-parenting, and I’m particularly interested in supporting parents who are also going through the journey of co-creating peaceful and evolutionary co-parenting relationships.  I am a certified yoga instructor and incorporate yoga based movements, breathing and meditation into my personal life as well as my professional practice.  In October of 2018 I embarked on an incredible journey of reclaiming my health through movement, nutrition and confronting limiting beliefs, and I was fortunate to find incredible coaches as I navigated uncharted territory in order to become more fully aligned with my soul.  I feel grateful and honored to be able to pay forward this gift of alignment and overcoming self-sabotage by helping others, especially busy parents who are dedicated to embodying health, wellness and vitality. 

email: michele@optimizedfamilies.com

Website: www.optimizedfamilies.com