Rachel Maurice

FFSS Certified Coach Seal


Dr. Rachel Maurice is a Canadian Medical Doctor who has left the practice of conventional medicine in pursuit of helping people heal from the root causes of disease rather than only treating symptoms.

Whilst on her own path of self discovery and personal growth she realized the holes and gaps of mainstream medicine and changed the course of her learning. Through the discovery of the immense power of our innate ability to heal combined with the foundational ideas of quantum physics and its connection to the entirety of the universe, Dr. Rachel was immediately drawn to become a Holographic Manipulation Therapist.

She has been trained as a specialist in Anesthesiology which she practiced for 20 years in Canada. She is also a certified Breatheology Breathwork instructor, Reiki 1st & 2nd degree, certified in Medical Intuition through ICMI, certified FFSS self sabotage coach, certified cancer prevention coach, Holographic Memory Resolution Practitioner, in training.

You can contact her for services at RachelMauriceMD@proton.me