Sabrina Goeldlin

FFSS Certified Coach Seal


*”From an early age, I knew I wanted to help people. I worked over twenty
years in the medical field to do exactly that but never learned how to
create my own business.*

*My professional job thus far had been interesting, but it was not
something where I could use my true skills and abilities as an intuitive
and trauma survivor.*

*Helping women find freedom from self sabotage is like a dream come true,
it aligns with my true nature as an empath and I get to draw wisdom and
understanding from my personal experiences.”*

Sabrina had experienced a spiritual awakening a couple of years ago that
took her back to her early childhood memories, recovering what she had
pushed away and dismissed all these years. She loves to educate people on
those experiences to help bring deeper understanding about our reality and
help others feel less alone.

Sabrina loves to write and has been published in “Moving the World” by
Gerry Visca, who’s mission it is to inspire 1 Million Why’s Worldwide.

Sabrina’s journey took her into spiritual mediumship a couple of years ago
that brought her much joy and moved forward by connecting with the Akashic
records for guidance.

She felt inspired to delve into spirituality after recalling conversations
with angels in her childhood that gave her great comfort as a childhood
trauma survivor.

In 2021, Sabrina delved into self sabotage teachings to address some of the
things that were holding her back from stepping fully into who she was
meant to be in this incarnation, and decided to move ahead to help others
on their journey of self development and self mastery, a process that is
not about perfection, but the journey back home to ourselves.

*”You are a seeker of truth. You exist to inspire greater understanding in
others. You are a spiritual guide, helping others see the miracle of their
true self.” ~Gerry Visca*

Sabrina Keck Goeldlin
CCSS Certified Self Sabotage & Self Mastery Coach, Author, Intuitive Coach,
Akashic Reader & Angelic Medium
Cell: 905-462-5690
It’s time to move your life forward… I’ll show you the way with my new
book: *“**Moving the World” *