Biba Tanya


I am a qualified nutritionist and self-sabotage coach, Wim Hoff practitioner, author, essential oil junkie and homeschooling mama. 

My passion is showing women how to do two things…
1) Unf**k themselves 
2) Take back total control of their health. 

If I can unf**k herself, anyone can. I was once an abused girl that was sold and trafficked by the elite, I saw and did things that would make Charlie Sheen blush. I powered up, took back total control of my life and rose higher than I ever thought possible. Let me show you how. 

I was once the woman who ran to the doctor for a pill for every ill, I outsourced the responsibility of my health to anyone in a white coat with a pharmaceutical sponsorship. I was on antidepressants, feeding my son antipyretics as standard and never questioned anything. Fast forward to now, where I haven’t seen a doctor in over a decade. I freebirth my children at home, we no longer have a doctor. I instill the importance of nutrition and homeschool them. We are free from the indoctrination of the education and health system…. Let me show you how you can also be. 

Let’s free ourselves from the system and rise up as women. Living the life we were meant to live. Which is one of health and abundance.