Yerasimos Stilianessis


Yerasimos is a Freedom from Self-Sabotage Coach, Transformational Bodyworker, and Human Design Guide. He works with motivated individuals around the world to help them understand and connect to their true nature more deeply, overcome disempowering behaviors, and release excess stress, toxicity, and emotional trauma from their bodies and lives so that they can experience true health on all levels. 

That being said, his journey through life has been filled with many twists and turns. Having gone through a very traumatic near-death birth process and having been injured multiple times in childhood by the conventional medical system, he learned early on that these established and heavily promoted paradigms of medicine didn’t contribute to more health, vitality, and self-reliance but rather more disease, dysfunction, and dependence. His personal experiences and realizations planted seeds of curiosity within him that have led him on a life-long quest seeking truth, knowledge, and wisdom. 

As he matured into adulthood, he came to realize that following the crowd and adopting a herd mentality wouldn’t support him on this path through life. By gaining more emotional clarity and through trusting his gut, he was able to take more personal responsibility for his life and make decisions that were right for him. They weren’t always easy, and often they included leaving relationships and friends behind, but they have led him to where he is today, 100% free of the daily drugs of society (7 years and counting), including all forms of caffeine, alcohol, and marijuana. He is truly happy, present, and fulfilled, living with purpose near the Pacific Ocean in California with his beautiful wife Sophie and little dog Rosie. He is eternally grateful to all his teachers, both those still alive and those who have passed on, and he hopes to continue their legacy of educating and inspiring others towards living more empowered lives.

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Knowledge is Power. Health is Wealth.