The Most Effective Way To Step Out of Self Sabotage Is……

A lady today asked a very important and interesting question. One of the most interesting (and simple) I’ve ever received. She asked “if you were to name only one activity, to help someone stop or slow self sabotage, what would it be?”

And after thinking about the answer I told her that the one thing, which would have the biggest impact on SLOWING OR EVEN STOPPING self sabotage was to stop drinking coffee or consuming caffeine. Caffeine activities our flight or fight system, known as our limbic brain. Often known as well as the reptilian brain, the r-complex or the hind brain. This portion of our brain is highly and directly linked to negative and self-destructive behavior because of how it’s designed. The hind brain operates on very low IQ levels, placing short term gratification and safety seeking protocols above happiness, morality, justice and even self preservation. The limbic system has no real ability to think long term and always subs in short-term knee jerk reactions over rational and long-term planning thought-based applications. It’s also a “non love” part of the brain because security and safety rank as the highest priority. Fitting in reins supreme in the limbic system and love isn’t even a consideration. This is also why it’s called the reptilian brain because of course reptiles abandon their young very soon after birth and often eat their young etc etc. Again, NON LOVE! The activation of this part of the brain complex also makes CHANGE almost impossible….thus its direct connection to self sabotaging and self sadistic behaviors. Self sabotage is based on a fear of change and an obsession with the old routine that stops our growth, evolution and ascension.

Yes, coffee and all caffeine hyper-activates this part of the brain and it takes 3 WEEKS for that part of the brain to shut off, even after 1 cup of coffee….even when no other coffee or caffeine is consumed during that 3 week period. OUCH IS RIGHT! If you drink coffee once every 3 weeks, you’re going to live inside a permanent PTSD fight or flight mode. Think about people who drink coffee or consume caffeine every day. Yes, they’re in some big trouble. FYI, caffeine cuts blood flow to your brain by 40% with just 1 cup of coffee (video attached) making you really stupid……..