Abby Karns


I am a Self Sabotage Coach, a certified herbalist, and a graduate of Jeanice Barcelo’s Birth of a New Earth Parenting Program. I have  an organic cleaning business and am a loving mother to my 5 year old son. I have done extensive self research and self taught on many things including radiation, conscious conception, hospital protocol for birth, healing from birth trauma, EMF’s and health. 

After having my son I was the sickest I had ever been. Insomnia, weight gain, exhaustion and fatigue, anger, and, of course, self sabotage. I did a personal coaching with Jason in the summer of 2019 to regain my health and life. After finishing his program I became passionate about teaching self sabotage and became very aware of self sabotage behaviors.

I am combining Jason’s Self Sabotage program with Jeanice Barcelo’s work to help mothers heal from birth trauma and self sabotage and to bring children into the world through conscious conception and loving birth.