Abrianna Canady

FFSS Certified Coach Seal


Abrianna Canady is a doula, personal trainer and presently works as a registered nurse in the Emergency Department. During her education, she developed a few health troubles. During this time, she realized the medical system had nothing to offer her. She slowly accepted root cause healing does not occur within the medical system and sought out true healing for herself. Abrianna’s time learning about her own health troubles gave her a hunger to seek out truth.

She has spent a large portion of her life deeply connecting and learning from people of different backgrounds to satiate this hunger for truth in many areas of life. She has spent time with: Pastors, drug addicts, professional athletes, shamans, and business owners. She began to see patterns in the successful and unsuccessful, healthy, and unhealthy, happy, and unhappy. She was drawn to the FFSS method to seek out her own self-sabotaging patterns and replace them with healthy, happy, and successful patterns.

Now, Abrianna is grateful to share the incredible FFSS method with others.

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Time Zone: EST

Email: abriannarcanady@gmail.com

Instagram: @ryzebyabrianna