Alex Hartinger


Alex Hartinger is a Co-Founder of Symmetry Natural Health, a clinical nutrition and energetic testing practice. Alex is known in her community for her success in helping people with chronic and acute health conditions. Her success in practice gained her attention at a national level and she began training hundreds of practitioners across the country in Bodyfield Technique.  She utilizes this technique in her practice exclusively, although she is also rooted deeply in Health Coaching and Nutritional Therapy. As her business grew, she created Symmetry Natural Health with her brother.  Symmetry currently operates two large natural health clinics in Wisconsin.

Alex became passionate about natural health during the process of recovering her son from autism through what she had learned. Alex is especially passionate about reversing the trend of declining health in children and empowering families to raise a healthy generation of kids. In practice, her focus is on foundational health and natural healthcare primarily supported by diet, lifestyle and supplements. Her educational focus is on how to affect gene expression through changes in our immediate environment.

Alex is a mother, clinician, author, teacher, amateur photographer, dog lover, aspiring chef and genuinely curious human being.



Instagram: @lexleehart