Avril Richer


I am a Soul Healer, Yoga teacher, and Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) practitioner. I am a plant based eater of organic foods where possible of which I consume many raw. I also trained as a Fashion and Textiles designer at St. Martins School of Art in the early 1970’s which was no mean feat given it was and still is the number one college for this subject. 

I have lived rurally all my life but am far from being a ‘country bumpkin’ 😉 I have for over 40 years organically grown as many fruits and vegetables as I could despite working day jobs. I have done much work in catering as an employee as well as a co-owner.

I am the natural birthing mother of seven children whom I primarily raised as a single parent as through my own self sabotage over my life time picked lousy mates to partner with.

I am in hindsight grateful that I had these experiences even to include my previous marriage which was one of severe emotional and physical abuse at the hands of my husband who I am now fully aware had far more problems that I did.

I was also subjected to much emotional and psychological abuse from my father as a young child growing up resulting in my leaving home at the tender age of 17 to be free from it all. Not even once in my life did he ever say how well I had done despite my successful efforts of major achievements throughout my life. Neither of my parents ever once told me they loved me. My story is long with much to share and which one day will be in the biography I intend to write some day. I have a chapter in the Wake Up books by Steven Schmidt called ‘The Rock’ if you want a little more information Wake up how to live a healthy vibrant lifestyle [Amazon.co.uk]

However from the frying pan into the fire would be a good way to describe that situation as in no way was I prepared for what was to come once outside the family unit.

It was only the last ten years that I was able to start freeing My Self of the emotional and energetic chains that bound me to patterns that I hadn’t known were there to find My Self the freedom that I deserved to finally give My Self permission to BE Me ❤️.

Back then we didn’t have the resources and the internet to find the vital information to do this easily. It took me eight long years of Self analysis to get sufficiently free to make completely different choices that put me on the road to recovering from my abusive past. 

With Jasons course work and materials under my belt along with my official qualifications and a 65 year lifetime of experiences I AM very qualified to guide You to BEing the Best version of the You. 

I very much look forward to BEing of service when you are ready 🙏🏻


website: avrilthespirithealer.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avriloenonespirithealer/