Ceri Witts

FFSS Certified Coach Seal


Hi, I’m Ceri

I’m a homeschooling mama of 2, Registered Mental Health Nurse, Self-Sabotage Coach, CHEK Professional Level 2 and Reiki Master.

I am a Freedom Keeper and am passionate about medical freedom.

My journey started about 6.5 years ago after my son was born.  I began to suffer health issues after his traumatic birth and developed adrenal fatigue.  I began to question conventional paradigms and regain my own health and truths.

I set out to find out more on natural health and holistic medicine to learn what real health was all about, how to achieve it and how to maintain it.  I specialise in women’s health, with a key focus on hormonal health and adrenal fatigue.

As women, we are so powerful and can influence those around us.  We can regain control of our health when we have the right tools.  It was only after I addressed my own trauma and health issues as well as overcoming my own self-sabotage that I started to heal.

If anyone is facing health challenges and is feeling stuck and stagnant you can find me on

Website: www.ceriwitts.com

Instagram: @ceri.witts

Email: ceri.witts@gmail.com