Chris Scott


Christopher Scott works with clients to help heal the subconscious patterns and stress effecting their health and success.

He has helped clients heal from various health issues including pain, autoimmune issues, migraines, depression, anxiety and more.

He has also helped clients repair their issues with self sabotage, fear, shame, guilt and anger that has been holding them back and keeping them stuck from the life they want.

He has a background in bodywork, NLP, hypnosis, neural based breathing and bodywork techniques, nutrition, herbalism, face reading, fitness, emotional healing techniques and more.

Christopher is obsessed with learning & growth and is committed to results for himself and his clients.

Christopher has a beautiful family. He has been married 10 years to his wife Brianda. They have 2 beautiful children, Liam (6) and Calum (1). 

Christopher currently lives with his family in Upstate, NY