Debra Foschi


Growing up an athlete, nutrition became an early focus. Growing up in an Italian family, as a first generation American, meant that our food was almost always homemade and rarely did we eat out. 

While studying to enter medical school, I had the fortune of getting hurt in my 20’s and needing to visit a chiropractor. My experience there brought enormous relief and resolve. I wanted to know more and instead, considered chiropractic school over medical school. I was later able to get a Masters degree in Nutrition, completing my triad of health and increasing my knowledge. 

I feel blessed to be able to provide such meaningful modalities to my patients but I cannot always motivate them in their weightloss and other journeys of change. My focus was off. It was not to come from me but rather the motivation comes from the enthusiasm they feel once *lifted* from their burdens of self-sabotage. I need to recognize their kinks and provide them the tools with which to steer their own boat and check in when needed. 

I look forward to being able to provide this most important piece without which nothing can really work in the long term. This is the key, the answer to the stagnancy and sabotage, and hence, taking it into overcoming self-sabotage.



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