Elizabeth Anderson


Dr. Elizabeth Anderson, DC blends her background of the healing arts from Chiropractic while specializing in working with the energetic body.  She practices and teaches through the powerful philosophy that the body knows all the answers as long as you ask the right questions.  She recognizes the body’s innate intelligence and assists in its innate by supporting your physical and emotional bodies with whole food nutrition, homeopathy, and/or herbs. 

She is a heart-centered intuitive healer that is grounded into the wisdom of Mama Earth.  Using her intuitive healing abilities she meets you right where you are on your healing journey.  By meeting you where you are, she will further empower you with knowledge to live your best life.  She is a clear channel through which emotional healing occurs while being a true gift to this world.  You will leave feeling lighter simply be being in her energetic field.

email: drelizabeth@integratedenergeticalignment.com

Website: integratedenergeticalignment.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/twinlifechiropracticMPLS

Instagram – @twinlifechiropractic