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My name is Eva Crowley and I am a Certified Integrated Nutrition and Self Sabotage Health Coach, A.D.D.P. , Ordained Minister, Certified Yoga Teacher and Chair Yoga LVCYT, Essential Oil Enthusiasts, Certified Reiki Level 1 -always a student of Energy Healing. 

First and Foremost, I primarily am a Mom of two wonderful boys and Homeschool Mama to my youngest.

This journey of health and wellness started when my youngest boy was born with Prader Willie Syndrome (PWS). https://www.pwsausa.org/basic-facts/ 

He was diagnosed at 6 weeks after he was born, just before his first Christmas. The doctor told us he would have low IQ, little mobility, and a shortened -low quality of life. We were devastated and in denial.

I was living through the stages of grief – shock, disbelief, depression and finally anger. How could the Dr. possibly know how my sons life would be? Now we had a team of doctors. My head was swimming with the stress of the daily medical madness and multiple at home therapies he endured. His first 2 years were rough, we did everything the doctors (all of them) told us to do. My sons health issues were rapidly declining with every new protocol. We were running ragged, sleep deprived, uncertain of the unknown and on high anxiety 24/7.  I was  desperate for help, something had to change, ANYTHING! Then, my neighbor who had a son with autism, directed me to a Pediatrician/Allergist and our life changed.

What we learned that played a huge part of the underlying cause of the problems my son was having, was astonishing. This information from the new wholistic doctor led me to the study of food -processed vs whole, and the entire agricultural system, energy healing, putting together the areas of mindset, movement, nutrition/earth medicine, community and the last piece of the puzzle for my own health and well being was overcoming self sabotage. 

Once there is an understanding how the subconscious mind is programmed to sabotage and how to deflect that, everything changes and your success will come with ease. I am a Mom on a mission, fear and anxiety is part of the game when raising a special needs child. Things we find comfort in aren’t always good for us. These techniques are simple and anyone can use them to further any challenge you face in life. Even my 12 year old son.

Today, my 12 year old son is off all medications, walks, runs plays, is a published author, an artist and creative genius thanks to these healthy practices. His quality of life surpasses all of our expectations. He is very happy but not without challenges as there is no cure for PWS. 

I have been incredibly fortunate to come across these teachers who saved my overall health as well as my sons with these techniques and now I would love to pass on these good fortunes to you. 


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