Guillermo Palmer

FFSS Certified Coach Seal


If you are like me, you have recognized that life can be a series of “almosts”. Almost graduating, almost starting a business, almost getting organized, almost exercising, almost reaching out to a long-lost friend, almost apologizing, almost quitting drinking, almost quitting drugs, almost… We may even have that precious finish line in our grasp, only to watch it slip away once again. This does not mean you are broken; you may have had great success and satisfaction in many parts of your life, but there is that thing that seems to always creep up and keep our potential tethered.

I was a personal trainer for 14 years before I began working at the famed Washington Gym in Houston, Texas. This is where I truly learned the power of an elevated mindset along with nutrition and exercise to effectively help people take back their health and lives back. I was 43 at the time and I had allowed my health to deteriorate. I was always a “victim” of horrible bosses, high stress, indecision, and finishing my days with large doses of TV watching, and coffee. I knew I needed more than food and exercise, I needed a life reset! Now, I am almost 50 and I feel more purposeful and focused than ever; it’s never too late!

2020 was a pivotal year for all; it was about this time that I discovered Jason Christoff and learned about the power of our own minds to keep us in a steady state of mediocrity in certain areas of our lives. I knew self-sabotage was at play in my life, so I decided to take the step to become a coach and help others who may be experiencing the same things. Self-sabotage coaching is a powerful, straight line method to discovering the reasons why you hold yourself back with powerful tools to help you unlock your natural power and be the person you were meant to be!

Please reach out at any time! I look forward to helping you become your best self!