James Wells

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Hi, I’m James, English born & bred, home was a small sleepy little town in the south-east of England for 40ish years.

I was a master self-saboteur with honours! 

I worked the high stress office job for 26 years in an industry that didn’t light me up but that I felt trapped in, I numbed myself regularly if not daily with poisons of coffee, nicotine, marijuana, junk food, medications and I stared at the TV night after night in a trance.  

I lived for the weekends where binge drinking and heavier recreational drugs would feature as well.

I was well and truly plugged into the system, my belief systems were back to front and I didn’t even know it.  

Something had to change, and boy did it change! I now write this bio from my balcony in Mexico which is where I decided to move to during my retraining from old career to new.

I had a genuine concern that a major illness was just around the corner, I managed to go through a process of a major health overhaul, cleaning up my destructive behaviours and improving my mindset. It was during this shift that I discovered the topic of self-sabotage which cemented by awakening. I discovered the reasons behind my own self sabotage behaviour and also how our surroundings are infiltrated by design to be negative and depressing!

Once I had been through this process myself, I knew I wanted to help to spread the knowledge I had gained to guide others towards their own awakenings. 

I’ve been lucky enough to go through this process with my wife Laura, she is also a certified coach and therefore we can help deliver coaching for couple-to-couple as well as one-to-one.

If improvement to your health, wealth, relationships or self-love is your kind of thing, we should talk. 

Reach out anytime. 

WhatsApp: +44 7375247391

Email: thefreemindmethod@gmail.com

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