Jessica Kish


I am a certified Self Sabotage coach, stay at home mom, and wife. Much of my journey can be connected to my mom journey. 

My health journey started at the end of 2017, when I was sick of suffering from migraines and mental issues.  Through lifestyle changes like eating better and cutting toxins from my life, I have been migraine free since July of 2018. Toxicity was the number one cause of my issues. I have been really impressed with where my health journey has gone

Until recently I had not dealt with another root cause to my own self sabotage. I believe being a stay at home mom has intensified some of these insecurities. My number one issue was shrugging off that I am just a stay at home mom. It is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed of. Modern society has not helped moms feel empowered by their choice to stay home to raise their own. Living as a one income household has affected my money mindset, one of the pillars of self-sabotage. Which stems deeper from my poor childhood.

Overcoming my own self sabotage has built a foundation to raise my family in this programming world.