Laura Clegg


I am a pernicious researcher of alternative health modalities with ongoing research and specialist knowledge in Self Sabotage, Root Cause Protocol Mineral Consultant including haematology, Massage and Beauty Therapist. Mum to three teenage boys, wife and a friend to many. I am currently training further in Nutrition, Homeopathy and Life Coaching at a London University.

I left school at 16 and built a successful career in business development and marketing but realised this wasn’t my passion quite early on. In the 20 years that followed I’ve spent researching the answers to why I was continually addressing symptoms for clients but not resolving the root causes.

As a family we have travelled and lived in many countries within Europe and the Middle East. Within this time, I became extremely sick, the cause of this was imported food, lack of vitamins and minerals, toxic air conditioning and plenty of stress which took its toll. Having moved back to the UK I began to look within myself to fix why these things were happening.

It was a near death experience with carbon monoxide poisoning, the death of my Mother and two best friends from cancer and a diagnosis myself of throat cancer that propelled me to fully take ownership of my health and wellbeing.

Having discovered that minerals are key to cellular health and magnesium is key to energy I came across The Root Cause Protocol. It taught me how imbalanced we are nutritionally; our cells are designed to create energy and to clear exhaust. A mineral, vitamin and magnesium depleted body can’t make enough energy and it can’t clear exhaust fast enough and we find ourselves in a state of dis-ease.

All forms of stress – emotional, environmental, familial, diet and lifestyle have to be overcome to achieve balance within the body. Key to part of this healing was Emotional Freedom Technique to resolve resentments of past traumas and the stress it induced. Once I understood that I had these traumas from my past that were continually stressing me, I realised that I was holding myself back from healing.

While I was coming to terms with all this and researching these areas of emotional health I came across Jason Christoff and his Self-Sabotage Health Coaching, this opened up my world to self-sabotage. It helped me piece all of the challenges mentioned previously together and overcome my final hurdles. Overcoming self-sabotage has allowed me to grow personally and professionally and to help more people all over the world.

Are you ready? I am and I look forward to working with you.