Mercedes Gearhart


Mercedes Gearhart is a board certified Occupational Therapist who is passionate for educating and empowering her clients to discover their ultimate potential of achieving health and wellness.   She believes that by eliminating emotional and physical toxins we restore our bodies innate ability to heal itself.   Working in healthcare she learned that traditional medical framework limited the type of care she desired for her patients.  Ultimately, it was her role as a wife and mother that led her to deepen her comprehension of what it means to be truly healthy.

Like so many others, her childhood was filled with traumatic events that resulted in vast amount of self sabotage behaviors throughout her life.  However once a mother to be she was determined to honor her daughter with a new idea of optimal health, that included having a natural childbirth and challenging current societal beliefs.  Unbeknownst to her this goal would forever alter her life perspective and drive to help others on their journey to healing.  Mercedes passion still thrives while supporting her beloved husband through his journey of healing as a stage III cancer survivor.  

She believes that you should never be ashamed of your story.  Your story provides you with life lessons that you may not have otherwise learned.  Owning your story provides inspiration to others.



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