Meredith Wyness

FFSS Certified Coach Seal


My journey to sobriety, weight loss, wellness and awakening has been one of beauty and repugnance.  I battled with drug, alcohol and food addictions that left me feeling lost, empty, wounded and broken on all levels. There have been moments that I physically felt like I was dying, mentally thought “who am I, what is my purpose?” and moments where I was so disconnected from my inner self, my soul that I feared I may never find the light. BUT, the light was never lost or extinguished. The light was and always will be inside me (inside all of us). Once I forgave myself for my misgivings (which in hindsight were mere perceptions of experiences in time) told fear and failure to take a hike and made the mindful choice to begin a journey to self-love instead of self loathe, that light began to glow so bright that it was a beacon to reconnect me with my soul. You are the only person that can invoke change in you and the natural by-product of this is passively instigating change in others.  Be the love and light you want to be, see and feel. By letting go of ego and surrendering into your natural state of love, your reality will shift to accommodate your highest good. Exhale, trust and know that the universe has your back.



Instagram: @meredithwyness_ffssc