Nathan Francis

FFSS Certified Coach Seal


I am a young Australian male (28) and it is my soul mission to help the youth of today who are struggling through these dark times and I am here to help and guide them to find their light. I am here to be a mentor, coach and friend. Furthermore, I do take clients of all ages..

I am a Teacher, writer and most importantly a certified Self-Sabotage coach. I have also written a book titled Breaking Free: A teenagers and young adults guide to identifying and overcoming their addictions and overcoming them.

I have lived through my fair share of pain, suffering, anger, frustration, addictions, people pleasing, self sabotaging and have come out the other side with a passion for this. A passion for helping guide people to live their best lives and heal the way I was able to myself. Allow me the privilege to guide you back to health, love for you and others, abundance and so much more!

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