Robin Austin Reed

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Robin was in the real estate world for 25 years, coaching hundreds of Realtors and selling over half a billion in sales. In an effort to stop self sabotaging behaviors, he went on a mission to heal an abusive childhood.

Robin traveled to Costa Rica and sat with shamans in plant based medicine ceremonies to find peace from a past that haunted him. He became a skilled deliverance minister, working with the spiritual forces that cause people to suffer. He sat in dozens of men’s circles to integrate his shadow and embrace the four archetypes of men: King, Warrior, Lover, and Magician.

Robin is now a contributor to popular blogs and author of six books, speaking and coaching for over a decade about healing and recovery.

His passion is helping men over 40 heal their past and rise into their king energy to build their pillars of strength: Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual and Financial.

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