Roxanne Byrne


Roxanne Byrne, originally born in & now presently living in Ireland, studied for her first degree BSc and MSc in Psychology, as well as an Advanced Diploma in  CBT Therapy in Lancashire, UK.  Here, Roxanne spent 11 years both working and studying in the UK  where she worked as a Clinical Assistant Psychologist, CBT Therapist & Mental Health Rehabilitation Assistant before returning to Ireland. Following her return to Ireland, Roxanne set up her own Confidence Workshop Programme following the writing of her first book, What Confidence Is & How to Get It. Having discovered Jason Christoff and his unique talents and insight, Roxanne found she developed her skills on a far deeper level of understanding and became more passionate about her own awakening on a far deeper level of both health and psychology.  Once Jason introduced her to the concept of Self Sabotage and she was instantly keen to learn more. The answers she felt unable to find though academic taught Psychology, were answered easily and thoroughly through her following of Jason and she became fascinated to study and learn more.  When Jason opened his first ever Self Sabotage Coach Certification Programme in 2019, following his sell out programme, Roxanne enrolled on one of the first ever classes to go through his training to become registered as a recognized and certified Self Sabotage Coach.