Shannon Blain


Have you ever been on cloud nine and felt like your life could not be better? You feel strong, fit, beautiful, top of the world and feeling the flow you’ve always wanted. And then, out of nowhere, your world is turned upside down…

I have been there…a few times.

In the span of two years I moved my mom (suffering from Alzheimer’s) into a long term care facility, lost my job, deeply grieved the loss of my father and brother, began a new start in a new home only to recognize it wasn’t a fit, and became an empty nester. At an all time low, I stopped caring about what I ate and eventually stopped working out altogether. Ultimately, I put my health on hold believing that was an option.

My wake-up call was not subtle. In August of 2017, I experienced severe dizziness/vertigo for the first time and started getting migraines, eye pain, heart palpitations, severe light sensitivity and nausea. An MRI showed 12 deep brain lesions in my frontal lobe so I set out on a mission to get to the bottom of the diagnosis. I had reversed hypothyroidism and sarcoidosis in the past and felt like if I could just label what I was experiencing, I could find my way back to a path of healing.

Despite meeting with neurologists, cardiologists, ENT specialists, optometrists and after a handful of CT and liver scans, ultrasounds, and vestibular clinic testing I was no closer to understanding the cause of the lesions. At the same time, my dentist had discovered some questionable spots on an xray & said I have metal fragments in my nasal cavity and that an old root canal could be the cause of the brain lesions!

What has happening to me, was all that occupied my thoughts.

I felt all the feels! I moved from angry, to scared, to sad, and then into helpless and feeling like a victim. This was not a space I wanted to live in for very long, knowing I would never be able to heal at such a low vibration.

One step at a time, I began coming back to my old self by adding in positive daily habits and determination but life decided on more lessons to experience with even more setbacks with the arrival of the year ‘2020’ & the heartbreaking window visits with my mom in the nursing home until she sadly passed in October of that year. Then unbeknownst to me, I shockingly discovered I was in a relationship for several years with someone, who was leading a double life.

I slowly recognized that even if I couldn’t find an answer to why or what, I was fully in control of my thoughts and held all the power in the world, to heal. Day by day I changed my thoughts from, “Why is this happening to me?” to “Why is this happening for me?” I became curious. I surrendered to what was. I chose to grow, stretch, evolve and felt a renewed hope trusting that everything was serving a purpose much bigger than myself. I realized we only have one body to call home in our lifetime. If we don’t take care of it, who will? Money and material possessions are nice, but if we lack the energy and health to enjoy them, then what?

Health, like wealth…. is something you invest in.

All my experiences, all of them gifts, inspired me to add Self Sabotage Coach to my other certifications of Life Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. I believe in the importance of overall health. In progress over perfection, in building strong boundaries and non-negotiables, and the power of living in each moment – not in the past.

I’d be nothing short of honoured to join you on your journey; I will meet you wherever you are, and together we can choose a new path on your way to health, wellness and free from your self sabotaging habits.