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Have you ever wondered what they didn’t teach you in school?

Hi, I’m Share. I’m a truth seeker, and a knowledge seeker. And what I learned is that what you don’t know CAN hurt you! Knowledge is Power. I love to share knowledge. My Holistic journey of discovery began in 2012 when I got Frozen shoulder. I also started seeing a Functional medicine doctor for hormonal issues about this time. My New Doc recommended I stop eating Gluten and ensure my water was clean (for the Hormone issues). But I started to wonder if what I ingested was somehow related to my shoulder issue….

So, I decided to do some research, in effort to avoid the ‘surgery’ my regular Doctor told me I’d have to have on my shoulder. What I discovered was mind blowing. And not just about the water I was drinking. Thus, I started down a path of unearthing the many things we do, that we don’t know is bad for our health (and there’s more than you’d think).
In 2021 I found myself with time on my hands, so I formally studied Holistic Nutrition and attained my Certification as a Holistic Nutritionist. I gained a wealth of knowledge.

Then in 2023 I discovered Jason Christoff’s school for Self-Sabotage. It seemed that a lot of people sabotage their own efforts to be healthy (myself included) so I immersed myself in his course to find out why this happens, and I became a Certified Self-Sabotage Coach.

Being mentored by the Renowned Jason Christoff, gave me the tools and strategies to help overcome the things that were holding me back, from living my BEST life. This has helped me to overcome a lot of my Negative programming and I continue to work on my stuff. We are all a work in progress. Now I help others to do the same.

I offer this Coaching (as well as, Nutritional guidance & Holistic Lifestyle mentoring) In order to help others, rise up to their Full potential. Go to the Next Level so-to-speak. You deserve everything you want in life. Check out my website to book a Consultation.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Current time zone: Eastern time zone/Milton ON, Canada
Languages: English