Shawn Tucker


My name is Shawn Tucker. I am a Christian, wife, mother, animal and horse lover, nature enthusiast, CNHP, Certified Health Minister, Hallelujah Acres Raw Rood Culinary Academy graduate and Self-Sabotage Health and Lifestyle Coach.

My path into natural wellness started early in life. Even though I was raised in a family full of medical professionals, I was always drawn to nature and a more natural approach. The interest to learn and study deeper in this area was thrown into high-gear when our son lost his hearing due to vaccinations he received at his 2-year well child visit at the pediatrician. The more I learned the more we turned away from traditional modern medical practices and  looked for more natural ways of healing and keeping our family healthy. Since implementing these changes we have seen great changes in our family’s health and we never get sick when those around us are constantly ill with whatever latest bug is circulating though the community. My husband and I are at an age when most our age are moaning and groaning and having trouble getting up a flight of stairs and we are out hiking in the woods and jungles and riding horses bareback. We do not keep so much as a single aspirin or any other OTC or prescription drugs here in the house as we have not needed them since implementing a healthier lifestyle and diet and never plan to in the future! We also only use all natural methods when caring for all our animals which includes a rare breed of horse called American Curly Horses. They are all extremely healthy and do not suffer the normal maladies most pets and equines do today. We use no vaccines or chemical wormers, etc, and people frequently want to know what protocols we are using to keep them so healthy. Both humans and the animals they care for are sicker today than they have ever been in history. By achieving a balance of nurturing true health of our mind, soul and bodies through natural and true health modalities and avoiding the toxins that surround us –  we can achieve amazing and seemingly miraculous results!

This journey towards improved and true health has greatly deepened my faith and trust in God. He designed and created our bodies and in His word has given us instructions how to best care for them, and the closer we follow these guidelines, the healthier we will be!  He has put it on my heart to share all that He has led me to learn on this journey with others that they might achieve ultimate health so they can live their best lives possible!