Stephanie Baker


My interest in health, healing, metaphysics and consciousness began with my mom. She taught me the value of physical fitness by introducing me to a variety of activities at a very early age. I also credit her with my strong distrust of western medicine, my fascination with the mind and my love of learning and truth seeking. By the time I got to college, I was fascinated with metaphysics, the inner workings of the mind and nutrition.  However, these interests soon took a backseat as my life path went down that of what I “should” do with my life and not what I really wanted to do. I participated in organized sports, joined clubs, finished college, drank, partied and got a job.  I was basically numb and just going along with the crowd. All the while, I suppressed my inner voice that was telling me to do art, practice yoga, be healthy, meditate, travel. Why?  Well, how was I going to make any money doing those things? How would I get health insurance?  These questions consistently came from my loved ones and their fear took root in me. When I was yearning to visit and/or live in spiritual places around the world, I was told to settle down and have kids. So, I tried to settle down. I tried to have a traditional career as a Special Needs Teacher, a coach then a sales manager and chronic binge worker in the hospitality industry. I even tried marriage to someone who completely embodied the mainstream paradigm and practiced the daily ritual of drinking to unwind. Depression often set in as my health deteriorated and my body grew larger. That inner voice would often come in screaming at me as I fell further away from my truth. I continued to suppress that voice until I could no longer do so, when dreaming about my passions was no longer enough. One day I experienced a shift and I made the conscious decision to finally start down the path of my dreams.  I took it slowly and allowed the synchronicities to light the way.  I became conscious of my thought patterns and my habits. I chose to change how I thought, the words I used, the things I allowed myself to hear, see and be around.  Very quickly those people, places and things that no longer served me started to fall away. I became closer with my family and true friends.  My life became full of wonderful experiences, people and places. Now I’m filled with pure gratitude and love for all of those past experiences because they have led me to this point in space and time. Here I am 9 years later working as a Holistic Health and Self Sabotage coach, yoga/meditation instructor and sound/energy practitioner. After overcoming my own self sabotaging behaviors and realizing that I was the only thing holding me back from living a happy and healthy life, bringing this awareness to others has become a passion of mine.  I know I’m not the only person struggling with these issues, and I know how hard it can be to draw up the courage to go down an unfamiliar and unpopular path. My goal is to help people raise their consciousness, recognize their program and remove their blocks in order to adopt a sustainable and holistic lifestyle.


Instagram: @theshiftdimension