Financial Self Sabotage

I remember counting a pile of money in front of a guy about 20 years older than me. I had about $15,000 on my desk regarding one of my business deposits and you could tell he was having trouble processing the situation. His personality changed instantly. To me, I got very used to money being something you invested in other projects, in order to keep the money doubling or tripling overtime. This older gentleman was a man who did have money at one time (when he was around my age) but his money program was (and still is today) “spend, spend, spend……show it off, show it off, show it off.” He wasn’t into taking his profits and moving forward with bigger projects. He was about the spending and the “look at me” aspect of money……..which is also nice but you need to be realistic as well. He wanted everyone to know he had some money, so he played to his weaker ego-based desires. (the need for other people to like you) When you want everyone to know you have money and you don’t really have too much, you end up losing it all in most cases.

Money is energy………nothing more, nothing less. Money actually means “the one energy”. The “mon” in money represents the word “moon”, which means lune in French and this is where we get the world loner, loon ball or lunatic from etc. Mon means “one” because there is only “one” moon. The lone object in the sky at night, the one. Money ends with the sound “e” and “e” is the Universal symbol for energy or electrical current. Money means “the one energy or the one electricity”. Money is energy magic.

When we haven’t developed our own inner strength, we’ll often commit financial self sabotage in a desperate attempt to make people like us or we’ll often engage in desperate attempts to find safety in the richer tribes. There’s nothing wrong with being a part of the rich tribe what so ever but make sure you deserve to be there and aren’t just faking it with the right car, the right clothes and the right watch…………..with nothing but debt in the bank and nothing but liabilities on the balance sheet.