Teaching Healthy and Empowered Teens About Peer Pressure

As a self sabotage coach I can tell you that the human nervous system is hard wired to be a member of the bigger herd, wolf pack or group. All humans are hard wired for safety and obviously there’s more safety in the bigger herds. This need to fit in is actually most active when we’re infants and decreases overtime but it’s still extremely strong in the teenage years as well. Not feeling safe or part of the crowd can  cause such emotions of internal turmoil and chaos that feelings of suicide can quickly transpire if a person doesn’t feel safe, secure or connected to their family or peer group.

I was with a friend last week and she was talking about her child wanting a $250 pair of Nike running shoes, simply because other people in the class had them. She said it was important for her boy to “fit in”. I know that these feelings of “fitting in” or “not fitting in” can really help the human nervous system feel better or hinder it as well. She agreed to get the shoes for her son but her son had to watch my latest recorded talk on this group pressure coercion, so he better understood the immense manipulation potential tied to group pressure. Group pressure is often covertly manipulated and even fabricated by the people who rule us from on high. This fabricated coercion of group psychology can get us moving in one direction or another, based on agendas hatched inside board rooms decades prior to the actual event being launched at the uninformed public.

Children should be educated as to what drives their behavior and how feelings of safety can act as bait for young people to participate in certain behaviors desired by our social engineers. Often group pressure and herd dynamics can be modified in a way where there’s no safety to be found within a certain behavior, even though that behavior is framed as super safe by government and media. For example, in the movies, it appears that group safety and security is most easily found by teens when they drink alcohol, party or when they’re overly sexual. This portrayal of such behavior in a positive group light by inverted media (done purposely) can get young folks flocking in that direction looking for safety…..but of course there’s absolutely ZERO safety to be found fitting in with a toxic, unmotivated, sedated, easily manipulated and poisoned tribe. In that case, it’s a trap and ambush of immense proportions….all designed by our architects of doom at the top of the ruling pyramid. Our social engineers like to set the mouse trap with “fake safety bait” and have us snare ourselves daily, as we run rabidly toward it.

In early 2020, a “crisis” appeared out nowhere and seemed to launch everywhere at the same time. Funny how each authority figure was saying the exact same thing at the exact same time. The TV said, “there’s safety in this one particular group only, so everyone has to pile into that group for safety and survival motivations. Follow the herd. Follow the science. Be one with the group. If you’re not in that one group, you’re not safe or secure and we’ll openly attack you as well to add to the group pressure”. And lots of people, who all have nervous systems hard wired for group based safety and security motivations, were led to a place that offered ABSOLUTELY ZERO SAFETY in hindsight. This was the equivalent of how some first nation North Americans would hunt buffalo by scaring them to all run in one direction….toward a cliff of course, where the first nation peoples would just gather the dead buffalo after they feel to their deaths. Just because the herd are all running in one direction doesn’t mean it’s safe and it doesn’t mean it wasn’t all fabricated by some clever hunters either.

Talk to your kids about how their nervous systems are hard wired to find safety in the group but also tell them that it’s better to become an individual of strength, bravery and courage…..especially when the herd is obviously walking right off a cliff. There’s no safety in a $250 pair of shoes. When we purchase a $250 pair of running shoes to fit in there’s only blind conformity, weakness and a programmed ignorance of basic financial principles. Don’t let pressure from the herd force you into a life of well decorated slavery. We all can do better if we get informed about how our behavior really works.

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