What Are The Odds You’ll Overcome Your Self Sabotage?

When you dive deep into the topic of self sabotage you eventually get to a level of knowledge where you concretely understand that the person who’s overweight, gains immense benefits from staying overweight and that the person whose sick gains immense benefits from staying sick. When you finally hit the bottom of the rabbit hole regarding self sabotage, you clearly recognize that the human mind works exactly the opposite to how we think it operates.

The abused spouse actively seeks out the abuser. The bankrupt spender sees the debt piling up but dives in headfirst anyway. The drunk sets up their day so they eventually find situations involving alcohol. The person who complains about their job and who wants to start their own business, thoroughly enjoys the complaining and will rarely find the courage to become independent in anyway. The odds of overcoming our self sabotaging behavior have actually be calculated as……79,000 to 1. Although true, you have a secret weapon. I can explain to you how your brain really works. I can also make sure you know how to hack your mind and then trick it into pursuing your best life….all day, everyday. Simple stuff.